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Thread: Scan Chameleon v Alienware ALX

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    Question Scan Chameleon v Alienware ALX

    This seemed like the most sensible place to post this:

    What are peoples views about the above two systems, which one would you buy and why?

    I am after a top of the range liquid cooled ( want to keep noise to a minimum ) sytem that will run virtually anything I can throw at it either today or in a years time.

    I am intending to go for 2 x 7800's 512mb, FX2 4800 o/c, 2meg(min) RAM, 2 x 74k raptors plus 500mb HDD, plus all the other gubbins that goes with it.

    Any views / opinions ( either abt the hardware or the companies ) welcome.

    Thanks for your time guys / gals.

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    They're both companies with excellent reputations and offer5 great support for their top-end products.

    Basically it kinda comes down to which one you like the look of doesn't it?

    I think for me I'd get an Alienware - but thats only cause I've wanted one ever since I remember first seeing one

    EDIT: Cause yeah ok I'd build the thing myself - but SCAN are a great company too - and a custom paint job is always tempting.....nah still alienware for me
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