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Thread: Pre-sales query

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    Question Pre-sales query


    I have actually asked this question on the "other" Scan forums ( but as nobody has answered my questions there I thought I'd ask here instead. Apologies if I've asked on the wrong forums(s):

    "I have some pre-sales questions about your "3XS Nanu Ultimate" system (although these questions could most likely apply to all of your systems).
    This will be the first time I've had a system pre-built (just over £100 is amazing value for what's offered!) but I do still hope to add two drives after taking delivery - one SSD plus a spinning drive.

    With this in mind could you answer the following questions?:

    Q1. Would opening the case and adding the drives invalidate the warranty? (please say no!)
    Q2. If I choose no operating system will the assembled system still be fully tested?
    Q3. Assuming the answer to Q2 is "yes" are you able to leave the "trial" version of Windows installed so I can simply add my own key after delivery?
    Q4. Will I still receive any drive hanging brackets or other accessories that were not installed for my configuration (obviously relevant to me as I am planning to add two drives)?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: Pre-sales query

    Sorry for the late reply Craig, we can replied to your thread now.

    Best Regards

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