I suppose this will be not another one of those forum posts but yes.

now I appreciate you taking time to look at my system and replace the vid card thanks, but why did you feel the need to remove all my programmes (38 of them)and remove back ups making it impossible to do anything on the pc.

i brought my machine in for repair and it has not all been done front usb still not working (blue coloured as i know you will ask)
machine blue screened a few times gave up (too tired11 hour days)
cant go back to windows 8.1 due to you removing all backups etc
not replying to emails

and for my own stupidity maybe i should have learned this from the first time where you trashed it and i had to rebuild it as the image you left on the drive was a cut down image not capable of updating (unless you messed with the registry to enable it as it was a company version??)

so as i explained i work quite long hours it is now Friday i have spent 3 hours trying to repair said installation only to have to remove it and reinstall windows something i don't expect after a 2 hour drive home on a Friday i want to be able to chill with a beer and play games and shizzle not download all my applications and games

if i had wanted this service (and i think i can say this now after getting chocolates for you again a mistake on my part) i would have gone to pc world not so called professional builders

I cant recommend you and i am finding it extremely hard to want to buy items from the shop.

I think in future if your going to mess with a machine at least take a back up of the drive or at least put it back the way it was if it was for a hard ware swap out ohh and may be put some sort of write up for the person