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Thread: PC getting stuck on 'Scan 3XS Systems' screen everytime I restart it?!

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    Question PC getting stuck on 'Scan 3XS Systems' screen everytime I restart it?!

    Hi guys, new member here so apologies if I post this in the wrong area, and I'm not too smart with tech so might need things to be simply put!

    I recieved a Scan 3XS gaming laptop as a gift off my father years ago and I can't seem to get help directly from Scan as they refuse to discuss it with me unless I find the invoice from god knows when.

    Anyway, it was recently brought to my attention that my Windows build is actually 2 years out of date and when I did some investigating I realised it's because my laptop fails to restart without freezing on the black 'Scan 3XS Systems' screen when rebooting. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this and its been a problem for as long as I can remember but I never really cared as I would just force power off the PC with the power button, and turn it back on again. However, my Windows updates always fail as the computer can't restart properly and this is why I need help...

    I've tried looking online but I dont know if the fact its a custom PC makes it any different as I'm unable to open task manager or enter safe mode when it gets stuck on the Scan screen. (Internet mainly refers to when people get stuck on the generic Windows loading screen but mine doesn't have that and the fixes didn't work)

    I really need to figure it out because my Windows needs updating but I honestly have no idea... help!

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    Re: PC getting stuck on 'Scan 3XS Systems' screen everytime I restart it?!

    You can open Task Manager by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Check if you can open the Task Manager in this way.

    Method 1:Check if the Task Manager has been disabled. If the Task Manager has been disabled, you can re-enable it if you have Administrator privileges on the computer.

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    Re: PC getting stuck on 'Scan 3XS Systems' screen everytime I restart it?!

    Personally, I'd back it up, then download the latest build of Windows 10 from the Microsoft site using their USB builder tool, format the drive and do a fresh install..

    Make sure you have a backup of whatever data you want off of it though as well as making sure you have access to the installer files for whatever other apps you have, a fresh install with the latest build will sort out things a lot faster than trying to diagnose whats stopping the machine from rebooting properly.

    You could of course do it the long way, fire up an admin command line, run
    sfc /scannow

    That'll check the system files out and maybe repair whats up with it.

    You could also run MSCONFIG, see whats in there and remove anything that's not needed to see if there's something on there stopping the machine from behaving properly.

    Both involve a bit more messing about, where the Media Creation tool will download the installer for the latest build fo Windows 10 and stick it on a USB for you and make it bootable, power the machine on and change the boot sequence so it boots from the USB stick, wipe the drive, install fresh build and off you go...

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