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    Audio Equipment


    A friend and i where talking the other night about the various builds we have done recently + about what our plans are for moving into homes next year with regards to 'entertainment systems'.

    Thinking along the lines of the development of home computers & the way in which the public now seems to consume media; we wondered if maybe it would be a good idea for computer companies (like scan ) to stock decent home entertainment products. I know you stock a decent range of different speaker systems etc, but what we thought it would be nice to see is a decent range of HiFi amplifier and speaker seperates.

    I think a lot of people would take this into consideration when building computers, especially when they are building media centre PCs where the offerings from creative and logitech just dont quite cut it. The main bonus of this being the convenience of it. We are planning on building a MCPC and i think we would be much more inclined to buy speakers & amps from Scan than even proper home entertainment stores. (this also being down to the genral bullsh** you get from the commission payed employees of these places) This is of course dependant on you getting the right items in stock

    Another thing closely related to this would be professional monitors. I see you offer the m-audio near-filed monitors but why not offer a decent selective range of full-range flat sounding studio quality speakers? you offer the sound-cards which was very convineint when building a friends computer who was studying music tech... but we had to go elsewhere to get a good set of speakers and anamp.

    I understand this is probably asking a lot for a company who does as much work as u seem to do but just thought it was worth dropping in and seeing what you & other ppl have to say.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Makes sense to me, especially as Scan also stock plasma screens already

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    It would depend on whether they have the warehouse space and delivery capabilities to deal with proper home entertainment systems.

    Play seem to be selling Kef speakers now - so why not Scan ?

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