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Thread: Faulty Gigabyte DS3 Motherboard ?

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    Faulty Gigabyte DS3 Motherboard ?

    Hi there,

    I recently bought a few PC components off of you last week, of which included a GIgabyte DS3 Motherboard.

    Firstly the fan headers seem to be dodgy, the fan on the stock Intel heatsink doesn't appear to spin properly and neither do the other 4 fans i've tried.

    As well as this the motherboard doesn't boot, i've made sure everything is connected and seated properly but still no luck.

    Would I be able to RMA this ?

    Item is in pretty much new condition, i've been testing it outside of the case and all the cables and backplate haven't been opened.

    Thanks in advance,

    Dan Phillips

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    If you log this issues Here the returns/technical department will be able to assist you further.

    Best Regards,

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    with regards to the fans not spinning properly the ds3 has some issues in general with fan control, so that wouldnt be a faulty mobo - i have a ds3, my fan basically only spins when my cpu gets above a certain temp. my system is inside an antec 900 case so it is extremely cool normally so im not really surprised my fan never spins unless playing games. just a heads up.

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    Ah right thanks for info, i'll check that my graphics card and RAM aren't faulty then i'll send another RMA request (heard nothing from this mornings one - and yeah I know it was only this morning but I need a working PC pretty quickly, have my A Level coursework on it :/)

    EDIT: After palying around with my PC and removing/adding components from another PC I think i've fixed it, PC now boots but I have no idea what I did that fixed it :/ lol anywho thanks for the help
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