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Thread: Samsung burner problem

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    Samsung burner problem

    Hi, I have a problem with my Samsung SH-S183A that I bought about a month or so ago. I put a brief log of the problem in this thread . Basically there seems to be a compatibility problem with my motherboard. It has the latest chipset drivers and latest BIOS, the drive has the latest firmware too but it just wouldn't do any burning (cd or dvd), it also had problems ripping dvds to the point that it crashed my computer. I tried the drive in another system and it worked to a point, it has the lead-in problem that most samsungs seem to have these days, meaning the dvd's it writes are pretty much useless.

    Anyway I was wondering whether this (these) problems would warrant sending the drive back for a replacement (different model)?

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    Please contact our Returns Dept and the Technicians will assist you further.

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