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Thread: Terrible Service

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    Terrible Service

    Normally my orders from scan are very good. any problems are sorted out quickly but this is ridiculous.

    About 2 weeks ago I placed an order for some components to be delivered yesterday (thursday) everything was in stock they took my money all seemed well.
    Then wednesday night after I travel all the way back down south to get ready to put it together I get a text at around 8pm. This text told me that my order could not be dispatched as there was no stock available. nd I should speak to customer services. (which close at 6pm). So I wait until morning call up to find out what the hell is going on. How they can take my money give me a delivery date but not! set asde the parts I ordered. After explaining everything I exchanged the out of stock componented for new ones and was promised delivery today (friday) I phone up again as I got no confirmation of the dispatch and ofcourse it wasn't sent. I have now arranged again! for it to be delivered tomorrow and I am still waiting for confirmation on the dispatch.

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    Sorry for the problems you have experienced.

    If you can PM me the invoice number we will sort this out for you today.

    Best Regards

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