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Thread: Order delayed..

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    Order delayed..


    I'm really p'd off, I ordered a couple of boards at the w/e to be delivered to me at work tomorrow because it was the only day I knew I would be in the office.

    I've now received an email saying my order has been delayed, the problem is, if the delivery is rescheduled for Friday (tbc), I'm not going to be around to collect it

    I'm kinda hacked off as I wanted the parts so that I can start the build this w/e....

    Is there anyway I can have my order delayed till Monday?

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    Re: Order delayed..


    PM me the invoice number and I shall get this done for you now.

    If you want it for Friday but at an alternative address, if you pass this to me I can see what I can do in regards changing the delivery address.

    Eitherway, PM me and let me know what you want me to do with it and I'll get it done straight away.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Order delayed..

    Thanks for the offer of looking into for me Lee but I called CS this morning and it's all sorted

    Delivery has been changed to Monday.

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