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Thread: Replacing Board?

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      • Motherboard:
      • ASRock Z75 Pro3
      • CPU:
      • i7 3570k @ 4.5 GHz (+0.2V) w/ ThermalRight Ultima-90i (modified to fit S1155 with a hammer...)
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      • Corsair AX860 80Plus Platinum
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      • Antec P180B
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      • Microsoft Windows 10 Home
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      • 27" Dell P2715Q
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    Replacing Board?

    Hi Scan!
    Purchased a P5K-E from you August 21st 2007. It has died! ( I've tried everything suggested - no avail >=(.

    I think it is well and truly dead :'(.

    What should my course of action be? The retailer replaces boards under warrenty for the first 12months, correct? Or am I not in the know? xD.

    Also under warrenty if it is applicable, am I able to instead upgrade to an X38 board and pay the difference (from the price it is now of course, else that really would be milking you!)? To make the trouble worth it... (A long shot but hey I think it's worth a try, and you Scan peeps are soo nice and all *wink wink*).

    I've never had a piece of hardware fail on me, so any help on what I am meant to do would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Replacing Board?

    Scan are responsible for the warranty, although Asus will also probably replace it. You need to get an RMA number via the Support page (fourth item down on the left had side). Be warned that Scan say don't bother posting it to them until Jan and you possibly won't get anything back until Feb!

    Unless you can drive to Scan don't expect to have a working PC until 2008.

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