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Thread: Faulty Western Digital drive....

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    Unhappy Faulty Western Digital drive....

    Hi folks,

    It would appear that I have a dying drive that is only a few months old (purchased in Feb 2008)

    LN18055 - 250 GB Western Digital WD2500AAKS Caviar SE16, SATA II, 7200 rpm, 16MB Cache, 9 ms

    So it looks like I will be giving Scan a ring tomorrow to arrange for RMA...
    This wouldn't be too bad but it is my OS drive so I am going to need to do some sorting out and get my OS installed on the data drive I currently have until this can get sorted

    Has anyone else experienced any problems with these drives?



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    Re: Faulty Western Digital drive....

    Unless your os absolutely has to be windows based, why not use a linux 'Live' cd untill your main drive is sorted/replaced, if you have a spare drive around you could install linux on that.

    This way you will not be pestered by the constant pop-ups from MS to register and/or run wga, and you may even like it.

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    Re: Faulty Western Digital drive....

    bypass scan and do an advanced RMA through WD,
    you register a credit/debit card with them and they send you a new drive, you clone the info and send the faulty one back in the packaging they supplied.

    so long as they get it back within 30 days (i think its 30 days) you dont get a charge made.

    simple and painless, and ideal if the drives still bootable

    oh and one other thing,

    turn it off until your ready to recover the data, otherwise its only you to blame if it craps out b4 the new drive arrives.

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