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Thread: SCAN2HEXUS - Free Shipping setup guide!

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    SCAN2HEXUS - Free Shipping setup guide!

    If you have just arrived here to find out how to sign up for this offer then first of all you need to register with us here at the

    You can do this by clicking Register for the HEXUS.Community.

    With you all registered and logged into the site you are required to make 20 constructive posts before the system will allow you to register with Scan. You will now need to wait till midnight of the day when you reach 20 posts in order for the database at Scan to recognise your registration. So go off, have a cup of tea, eat some food, and come back and join in discussions here if you want, before getting some sleep, ready for the new day.

    On the following day head on over to this page at Scan and fill in the required fields of the form to associate your account.

    If you don't currently have an account with Scan (shame on you! ) then you will need to register with them first by clicking on the new customer login link on the right.

    Once you are all up and registered with Scan there are a few boxes to fill in...

    • You will be asked to fill in your First and Last Names (we can't help you here if you don't know it !
    • Followed by your postal code, Mothers Maiden name and password.
    • With you logged into the Scan site you will then be asked for three items, your HEXUS User ID, HEXUS Username and HEXUS email address.


    For example if you signed-up for hexus using even though it was about 2-3 years ago, then please use this email address and not a new or another domain as the accounts will not synch correctly.

    Edit by Carlh - Since the forum has been updated its a little harder to find your user id than before. Once logged in if you click your forum username in the top toolbar it will bring up your profile screen.

    If you scroll to the bottom of the profile screen it will show your user id there

    Next up is your HEXUS user name, this is the name you login with

    Finally enter your email address, this must be the same email address you used to sign up with Scan originally.

    Submit the form and you should be set to get started ordering all that sweet hardware from Scan, remember though, don't order with free shipping unless your order is worth at least £20.00 EXCLUDING VAT.

    If your online oder is less than £20 (ex VAT) shipping charges will be added automatically at checkout


    • If you have registered with your details once and try to again it will lock you out and you will need to raise an OLQ (Online Query) with SCAN.
    • If any of your forum or SCAN details change in a 24 hour period you have to wait for the forums and SCAN to re-sync (usually at Midnight on the day of the changes)


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    Please do not message me about Scan Free shipping, I no longer work for

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