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Thread: PC borked

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    PC borked

    HEllo there,

    not sure this is the right place to post this thread, but im sure some kind soul will let me know if its not.

    Anyways, in mid August i bought the components to build a pc from scratch. The PC got built by my technical gifted mate (Cheers Nads) and Ive had many hours of pleasure wasting noobs on COD4.

    then today I loaded a game and after 5 mins the entire system froze...... had to turn it off at the switch and tried agian...... this time it froze the system as i tried to load into the game...... turned it off agian at the switch and tried a different game, as soon as i hit the 3d bit ..... froze agian.

    I tried updating the drivers, without any effect. I then tried to restore the system back a bit to when it was working like a dream....... at this point the pc seems to have taken the hump and completely fallen out with me.

    now when i turn it on i just get 2 black screens and no flashy lights on the front as if its dead. Ive tried using a recovery disc that i Downloaded from the internet to fix my problems, but it wont read it.

    in case it helps im running an intel Quad core, with 4gb Dominator Corsair ram, Corsair 550w psu, 9800 gtx xt gfx and Windows vista 64bit, o and a hitachi 500gb hd...... o and an Asus p5q pro mb.

    Anyone got a clue what i can do or what i should do next : /


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    Re: PC borked

    Just to add, a CMOS reset got the system to post and then Jokerdog was forced into the BIOS. Once there he simply hit the don't save and exit button and the system returned to failing post.

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