I had recently had a card sent in for RMA, I have received feedback telling me there was no fault found.

Now here's the thing, I have a new card in my system with all the same hardware, software and cables being used with no faults occurring so its making the point of failure the card i sent off.

I was told the card was ran for 18 hours under stress from 2 days ago, the store is only open 9 to 5:30 making that a total of 15 hours, I was then told that it could of been ran from 5 to 11 making it 18 hours, who was there to check for issues then?

The next thing is they ran witcher 3 and occt in which i never tested myself, i was told to test the games i played and to run heaven in which none of these where ran by the testing team. They said they tested the witcher 3 in idle mode leaving the character standing still in one scene, again not when my faults occurred (very sloppy imo).

I then asked for the technician logs as I myself am a computer repair technician of 8 years and they said that was the technician logs (stated below) :
Ran Witcher3 on one screen, and OCCT on another for 18 hours. OCCT showed no errors either.

Now considering I have a new card in my system running all the same hardware, software, peripherals and cables, everything that was used with the faulty card and i have no problems with this one means that the card i sent is faulty? everything else being eliminated and making the point of failure to that RMA'd card.

On top of that I had to pay shipping and will most likely be charged for returns on a faulty card is very frustrating and tbh disappointing in a company that I frequently shop at.

Starting to rethink which companies i should go to for computer components.