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Thread: RTX 2080TI worse GPU launch in history

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    RTX 2080TI worse GPU launch in history

    I do not blame Scan for the massive delay in the RTX 2080TI cards, that was out of their hands, but..... I do believe I was treated unfairly by SCAN in regards to my RMA

    I placed my order for the MSI RTX 2080TI Gaming X Trio back on October 10th 2018, I received the card two weeks ago (4 months later) and it did not work, I had to then answer some silly questions, but hey that is there policy so I rolled with it, I then was asked to RMA the card to which they found a fault.

    Almost 5 days after they found the fault I received no communication, so I contacted SCAN myself, they then offered me a refund or keep my order, I decided to keep my order because I waited this long so why not, but I have been given a new order number which essentially means I am now at the back of the queue again to receive my new card which I think is very unfair, they claim next batch comes in at 16th March but we know that game by now all ETA are made up by SCAN themselves, it seems I will receive my card when the new cards come out at this rate, totally unfair and the whole situation was made even worse as my mother passed the day before I received my faulty card!

    UPDATE: Got my new card few days ago, working fine so far..... thank the goddess....
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    Re: RTX 2080TI worse GPU launch in history

    Glad it got sorted

    RTX launch was a ...challenge...across the globe.

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