I returned my faulty GPU to Scan, and on the returns tracking it went from Authorised - accepted - tested - (in the notes said faulty) and then all the info apart from the faulty, not posting comments vanished.

I telephoned (got cut off twice)and I was told I would get an email, which I did, the email asked if I wanted a replacement, there was nothing suitable and was offered a refund.
I was told it would be 3-5 days after the RMA was marked completed.

I have just logged in to the tracking and all the info has disappeared and now it just says authorised (the step before received), not even suggesting it has been received.
I screen shotted every step of the process and have tracking info, that it was delivered on Tuesday and screened all of the comments, tested faulty etc.

I am now left with the weekend to worry about weather this is actually going to materialise, all the time with out my PC as I have a 3900x and it has no on board graphics.
Could anyone tell me what I would need to do or could this be an error on the returns tracking?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards