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Thread: Mobo help, plus have you made a mistake on your website?

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    Mobo help, plus have you made a mistake on your website?

    Right, after thinking long and hard I'm going to place my order with Scan. Although I completely hate those idiots sh*ty link that you insist on using for delivery. But from what i hear, you after sales service is very good. If i have another nightmare with sh*tylink i will be screaming blue murder! But i am sure you chaps will sort any problems out well from what i hear

    Right, I know what CPU, etc, i am getting, but unsure about the motherboard. I am looking at these two;

    Abit AN8 NForce4, ATX, DDDR400, PCI-E, Gbit Lan, USB 2.0, 1394, 5.1ch Audio, 4 x SATA, Raid -

    Abit AN8 Ultra PCI-E S939 NF4 DDR400 SATA RAID Gbit Lan 1394 USB2 7.1Ch Audio -

    Are you sure they are both AN8's? Is the first one not a KN8?

    And can you please tell me which is the best of the two boards and why. The second one is cheaper, but acually seems better on paper.


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    There both AN8 boards however the only difference seems to be the audio on each of the boards.

    The second board has slightly better features therefore I would say out of the two go for the ultra version.

    The difference in price reflects the cost price to ourselves I would imagine as soon as we get a new shipment of the AN8 boards the price on the first board will be reduced slightly.


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    The Ultra is the better buy at those prices as apart from the 7.1 rather than 5.1 audio you also gain the Secure Network engine in the nF4 Ultra chipset & 3.55V Vdimm.

    That is the 1st version of the AN8 shown & only has 2.8Vdimm, the Ultra & the AN8 V2.0 have 3.55Vdimm & the same passive heatpipe cooler for the chipset .
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