I registered for the Scan free postage loyalty scheme and have been enjoying it's benefits (when they do actually send me what I order... hoho only joshing ), however I'm confused about leaving a review on the Hexus-Trust system. I registered for the scheme with my forum user number (4440) and everythings fine, however I've only just registered for a "My Hexus" account which will let me post reviews at Hexus Trust. Of course however, my Hexus Trust user number (4590) is different from the forum user number I used for my Scan account. I did however sign up with the same name, JimNastics.

I don't want Scan to think I'm taking advantage of the offer and not doing my side of the bargain which is leaving a review. So just a quick heads up that the JimNastics (4590) posting reviews at Trust is the same JimNastics that has registered for free postage on their Scan account with user number 4440.

Just wanted to make sure everything's good


*cough* when are you getting more 146's in? *cough*