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Thread: Chieftec Charcoal Grey Large Tower

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    Chieftec Charcoal Grey Large Tower

    Chieftec Charcoal Grey Large Tower

    Scan code LN12449

    Anybody running this case ?

    i can only find pics for the 4 slot version and i wondered if the 6 slot version
    of this case had enougth room at the back to mod in a 120mm fan instead
    of the 80mm one.


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    I am running the older model (only dif. is hdd cages in the bottom not at the top) and there is enough room to put a 120mm fan in the top and at the front ( I have a 120.1 rad mounted there and a 120.2 rad in the ceiling of the case) Just need to do a little drilling

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    I have the large chiefy, the one with the drive at the top of the case, and it comes with a 120 at the rear of the hd, 2x80 at motherboard rear and 2x 80 at front. I have cut and mounted a 120 at the front, also mounted a 120 blowing on the hd cage.

    Chieftecs are superb and this is a bargain, got mine 25 on today only del, mine came with 3 fans, 2x80/2x120


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