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    I bought a Thermaltake V1000+ super tower case from you quite a while ago now. I've been having problems with the case power switch falling out after it's pressed a few times and have tried contacting Thermaltake about it 3 or 4 times now in the last month, a few other times last year - no replies at all.

    I notice you've stopped selling TT cases, (should I assume it's because their support is terrible?) though do you have any contact information for them still which avoids jumping through the loops with their worse than average online support 'system'? I don't think I'd ever get one of their cases again!

    Thinking of getting another case to replace this one in the near future but enjoy the space the super tower brings - what other makes/models are of top quality, (requirement in black - my favourite case colour ) that are on the right side of £100?
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    Buy a Silverstone if you can get one for that.

    Thermaltake's stuff is pretty awful in my experience
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