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Thread: Improvements / Expansions

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    Improvements / Expansions

    We base our plans for improvements / expansions on many customers feedback, until we get the new systems sorted out completely, we might have a few more isolated cases of similar stock allocation issues arise. I did say in the post that the changes are big and will take some time to implement - we're basically in the process of negotiating and buying a massive warehouse which adjoins our building, then fit it out to expand our own warehouse.

    Basically the reason why we physically cannot part pick and reserve all out of stock orders at the point of raising them, is purely down to lack of space in the warehouse we currently have. If you can imagine we ship 1000's of parcels every day and stock many 1000's of product lines, and whilst the warehouse is massive it is completely full with the stock and systems we have in place right now. Physically part picking / reserving all orders certainly is the answer but it is going to require almost double the amount of space we currently have to accomodate this new procedure. We are literally in the middle of a big process to facilitate this change, but it's going to take some time and invariably these things sometimes get slightly worse before they get much better. When we have fitted out our new warehouse, we will then have the space to expand and implement our new ideas and procedures, which will mean we can part pick orders, and also offer people a part shipment option when they order online. All of these changes will definitely resolve the isolated (and I must stress that they are isolated) stock allocation issues. It's just going to take us a little time, but please be assured we're working on it as hard as we can and we won't rest until we've got there!!!

    We're definitely of the opinion that as a company you should be mature and humble enough to admit when you're wrong, analyse the reasons why, then take proactive measures to prevent those problems from occuring in the future. We have always tried to take constructive criticism on the chin and maintain a sense of integrity and honesty. Some companies might think this is a risky way to work, by admitting your errors, but we believe firmly that consumers are intelligent enough to realise that even the most effective company will have it's flaws it's just whether or not you admit to them and put them out there in the open that makes the difference. Many companies shy away from this kind of honesty but we feel that it's time to make a change!

    I hope the information I have given to you all is helpful in some way. Many thanks for your patience and for your time in reading this post. Please rest assured that your feedback has been read understood and is being acted upon in the background.
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    Well it’s what you have all been waiting for.....

    Until now warehouse space has been massive impedance and has prevented us from part picking all orders prior to shipment causing a variety of stock control issues for our customers. We have been working hard to resolve these issues by Purchasing a new warehouse adjacent to Scan, which has massively increase our warehouse space resulting in the possibility of part picking and reserving all out of stock orders at the point of raising them along with providing the option of part shipping orders, which has already become live as an option online when placing your order.

    We are now making good progress with the expansion into the new warehouse. We have knocked through into the new warehouse laying out a part pick storage area, which means we can finally start part picking every single order so stock allocation issues should be a “thing” of the past.

    This is excellent news for us and also for you… our customers

    As with any new system / expansion there will be a period of time where problems will still occur, however we will “iron” these out over time, also still many upgrades to the new warehouse need to be made, however this is a huge step forward and the benefits of this move should be seen immediately as the number of part picked order can be dramatically increased from now on..

    Best Regards
    Chris Padidar
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