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Thread: Logitech harmony 1000 universal Remote

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    Logitech harmony 1000 universal Remote

    Hi All,

    I am thinking of getting a Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote and am just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this remote and can offer and recommendations? I have read a few reviews and most say it is a great remote apart from the price. It sounds great to me!

    Also I was wondering if anyone knows if this remote works with an xbox 360 and also if it would work with the remote plug socket devices you can get as if it could that would be even more awesome.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Logitech harmony 1000 universal Remote

    Love my Harmony 1000!

    Takes a while to set up but this is fairly intuitive and is done via the internet. I run my tv, av amp, dvd recorder, sky and my PS3 (via a dongle) with mine. One press of a button means all my inputs change to the correct one for watching the PVR, dvds, Sky and for the PS3, and the volume and channel selection is switched to whichever device I am using.

    You can even select favourite channels and add their logos - although Sky messing with the channels means they have to be updated.

    You can also programme the functionality from your existing remotes if they are not in the database, so I have programmed in the commands from my blu-ray remote for my PS3 - again this is done online.

    Not sure if the XBox will work but my guess is that it will as I previously used a Harmony 686 remote with my 360 before it was half-inched.

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