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Thread: Medion DVD Player with 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System 350w RMS

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    Medion DVD Player with 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System 350w RMS

    saw these in microdirect earlier on, they looked pretty good, has a host of features / connectors.

    many inputs including digital - coaxial

    £42.60 Ex VAT
    £50.05 Inc VAT

    might actually pick it up later today

    they wernt sure if it was a multiregion dvd player / progressive scan etc..

    You've just bought a nice new TV to watch all your films on..but somethings missing isn't it? - Its not what you thought it would be?-A big screen isn't everything, you need the right DVD Player, the right Power Output and the right sound. At Aria we scoured the globe to bring you the right combination at the right price. It plays the lot, DVD,VCD,MP3,CD it even has a radio tuner built-in for all your fave music stations..but that's not all! - 5.1 Crisp and clear, full system surround sound for the most realistic in-home experience to date - At a full 350W I wouldn't turn this baby up too much either. Don't fall into the trap of buying cheap chain-store DVD really do get what you pay for.

    The ultimate DVD Home-Cinema-System, this complete system provides cinema quality sound and visual capability in your own home.

    This is the complete package, totalling at 350watt output you will never want to leave the house again once you have experienced this excellent quality product.

    Wire it up to your existing TV and play DVDs, MP3s, CDs, VCDs, Recordable DVDs and many many more. Also hook up your games console and enjoy the sheer pleasure of the 5.1 surrond gaming experience.

    At such a price who could possibly argue that this unit is not exceptional value and for those looking to purchase thier very first surround sound units, look no further, this is the best deal on the web and will not disappoint. Finally, the home cinema experience has been made available to the masses, why delay? Watch films and play games the way they are meant to be!!

    • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, SVCD, CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, Photo-CD, MP3-CD compatible
    • Perfect cinema feeling with picture and surround sound
    • Complete cinema system with speaker set for best sound quality
    • 5 in 1 DVD, CD/MP3-player, tuner, high power amplifier in one unit
    • Multifunction remote control
    • Plug & Play: easy to install
    • Mirror look design

    DVD playing functions
    • Skip to previous/next chapter
    • Fast search (forward/backward) in four different speeds
    • Slow motion in four steps
    • Play/Resume play/Stop
    • Repeat A-B
    • Repeat (chapter/title)
    • Pause/Step
    • Mute function
    • Time- / title- / chapter search
    • Multi-Angle-Function
    • Language selection Audio, Subtitle
    • Zoom function
    • Bookmark function
    • Parental lock

    Audio/MP3 CD playing functions
    • 20 programmable tracks
    • MP3-CD playback
    • Skip (forward/backward)
    • Search (forward/backward)
    • Play/Resume play/Stop
    • Pause
    • Random
    • Repeat (one/all)
    • Repeat one/folder in MP3-playback mode
    • Repeat A-B

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    hmm, it is cheap, but i'd be surprised if it doesnt sound nasty and not-very-loud | I have sigs turned off..

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    lol, i wouldnt even buy a dvd player for that

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    well i got this, worked out £48, and i must say im pretty impressed so far.

    I was expecting hiss heaven, pretty surprised its decent quality.

    obviously cant compare to the logi 5500s but its not far behind.

    it deffinatly has a high S/N ratio.

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