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Thread: N73 Charging Wierdness...

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    Question N73 Charging Wierdness...

    ok had it for what 3months if that and its been fine and now recently its been not charging when i put the charger in or it will beep when i take the charger out which it would do when actually charging-only it doesn't.also the connector is very loose well i can wiggle the charger plug in the phone slightly...
    sometimes it will charge for abit and then stop when i go to use my phone etc or i will leave it "charging" and come back 10mins or 10seconds later and it's decided to stop
    Its an 18 month contract on vodafone from Phones4U... can i take it to any store and get them to sort it out? would it be the charger? seems to me like a software problem with recognising the charger and activating charging? because when it does get round to charging it keeps turning the backlight on and saying charging which it should only do when you start the charge...
    cheers sorry for a very vague and quick post.girlfriend will batter me if i take any longer
    so cheers for any insights you can make
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    Sounds to me like it is the charging port, i know the n73 charging port clips on to the circuit board and is not solderd on, personally i would take it back for repair, and you should be covered, just explain it aint charging for some reason and you want it fixed asap

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    phones4u should cover for 12 months.....

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