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You could get it as a free sim and also get £4.25 cashback.

Although as the referral from TopCashback's site lands specifically on Vodafone's page about data sims, and presumably the free data sim listed at the bottom wouldn't be the actual right type of sim you'd want, you'd need to click "Go back to Pay as you go page" at the top and then scroll down to the "Choose a free sim" option there.

If I recall correctly, I was able to successfully get the cashback doing something like that last year.

I do a fair bit of cashback noodling myself, including TopCashback but wouldn't've particularly thought to look at this.. may v well be handy for a spare (thinking especially of the increasing number of demands for a number for OTPs). Would then use as mentioned above, the top up £5 route & do the minimum to keep the sim active. Cheers for posting!

Re the main topic, just to mention if no-one else has that even after a number hibernates because of no chargeable activity you still have a reasonable margin to call in & have it reinstated - EE for example is 179 days for hibernation but only after 273 will your number & credit be lost.