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Thread: iPod killer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty6435
    If it 'recommends' saving at 45kbps then chances are the audio quality will suck.
    Depends on the format and considering most people will be using rubish ear bud headphone, this will suit most people probably.

    Quote Originally Posted by scotty6435
    Also, just because it has a carl zeis lens doesn't mean it'll take good pictures. In maybe a year or 2 we will see multifunction phones/MP3 players/cameras with good enough quality to be a viable alternative to the 3.
    True, I have used some very poor digicam's which have carl zeis lens's. That said it's nice to see they are going to use proper optics now at last, something sadly lacking in even the 1.3Mp cameras around now.

    I don't think we are seeing an 'ipod killer' yet, maybe not for another year or so. But I honestly believe that the ipod days are numbered. As are the casual snaps type camera. I see no reason why they could not put a 20gig drive into a phone and have the same abilities of an ipod right now. They could probably put a 6+ megapixel sensor chip in if they really wanted to. But's thats not how technology corporations work, they don't bring out the next gen until the the previous gen's sales slow down enough. Anyway, once we have small phones with the same capabilties as ipods do, there will simply be no reason for people to buy both.
    What we are probably going to see now is a storge capasity race. Apple are going to have to put bigger and bigger HDD's in to stay ahead of the game. Same goes for camera's too regards image resolutions.

    Next year N Series phones will almost certainly also be kited out with digital TV tuners. - The Register 27th April 2005
    That would be cool. Expect the TV licence fee of course

    They will be needing to kick start fuel cell research again as well if we are going to be able to power these things for a decent lenth of time too.
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    dont need a lisence fee for battery powered devices

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    Iriver killed ipod but nobody knows it yet. Apart from the people that buy them
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