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Thread: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car

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    Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car

    Bluetooth™ Car CAR-100
    You are what you drive. And the Bluetooth™ Car CAR-100 is an impressive statement. In addition it's also an incredibly fun gadget. Use your Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ mobile phone to charge and control the CAR-100 and you'll have hours of fun. Gaming doesn't need to be a piece of software anymore.

    Anyone had a go with one of these? I was thinking of buying it as a gift for someone, Just for a laff around the house. Racing a few might be a fun after a few jars. Wondering if it is any good.

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    I've seen it working with a P910i and it's pretty cool. The battery doesn't last long though.

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    I've got one - excellent fun but a bit of a pointless gadget. They get bogged down on thick carpet though. Guarenteed to drive pets mad. Battery lasts around an hour I reckon
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