Hi, anyone had this happen to them?

I just went to burn a some music (non-copyrighted) to a disc and when i go to use the burn function in WMP11, it says 'Connect a burner and restart the player' and won't let me burn.

I recently had an aborted attempt to install Nero 7 Essentials, which caused my computer not to even see my optical drives, but have recovered from this and can burn to CD using other programs such as Roxio DigitalMedia Plus. Previous attempts at installing Nero 7 ended in the installer telling me that there were old versions of Nero still on the computer, and these needed to be deleted, even though I had cleared everything nero-related out using the XP program removal, as well as clearing the registry items relating to the program.

Anyone got any ideas? My burner is a Lite-on SOHW 1693S