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Thread: Confusion and problems with coretemp95

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    Confusion and problems with coretemp95

    Well I'm one of the unlucky ones that when opening coretemp95, in winxp, I get a serious crash......running it in safeload and I get infinate number of tiny window messages, but it runs ok in Vista.
    Others on the net are getting the same problem and at coretemp's site they have put up ver 94.......this works OK.

    The confusion is:- ver 94 indentifies the E4300 correctly and is the one to use say some (TAT gives higher temps but identifies the cpu as pentium M), but ver94 sets the tjunction at 85c which lowers the temps...even at idle it's sometimes below ambient. I'm running a CPU stress test running at 3ghz and the load cpu temp is only 43c with an arctic cooler.

    BTW speedfan 4.32 gives the same temps as coretemp94 and gigabytes own easytune is about 3c lower than the other two.
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