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Thread: Appleshare and Samba see different directory contents

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    Unhappy Appleshare and Samba see different directory contents

    Create a file on a Mac ( OS X 10.3.9 )
    Copy the file onto a Windows 2003 server ( fully patched ). The file dissappears from the appleshared directory.
    Look for the file via Samba from another Mac ( 10.4.10 ) or from a PC - the file is present.
    Copy another file from the same 10.3.9 Mac, a few seconds later, that file appears OK.
    Copy the same file over again. The file stays hidden.
    Rename the file via Samba ( even just change 1 character from lower to upper case ) and the file appears in the appleshare.
    This is a wierd intermittent fault.
    Nothing relevant appears in the servers event logs.
    Take the file which hides. Copy it on the original Mac to a new name. Then copy the new file onto the appleshare. The file appears as expected.

    Anyone got an idea why the files occasionally dissappear or a robust way of getting them back?

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    Re: Appleshare and Samba see different directory contents

    A couple of thoughts...

    I wonder if this is an OS X 10.3.9 issue? The GUI is interpreting the copy as a movre. Does refreshing the Appleshare directory bring the file back? Does refreshing that directory a little later when the SAMBA server rebroadcasts its presence reveal the file?

    (Reading from the post, files copied from 10.4.120 Mac OS X behave as expected?)

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    Re: Appleshare and Samba see different directory contents

    Similar behaviour has been reported by others using 10.3, where it was suggested that this was related to incorrect locking of the resource-forks. Try zipping a file before copying it over and see if that disappears as well.

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