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Thread: outlook backup

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    outlook backup

    Hi is there a way to completely backup all settings of outlook? i want to back up all my email account settings, emails and rules and load them up on another outlook from another pc. thanksin advance

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    Re: outlook backup

    You can use the MS Outlook Backup Tool here:

    http ://

    EDIT: ^ I had to add a space after http to show up the URL. Remove this space if you want to use this URL.

    It's a free (WGA) download. All it does is find the .PST file located in your Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Local Settings\Microsoft\Outlook. Personally I would just manually back up all the files in that folder ans restore them in the same place on the new machine.

    On the new machine you can set up your email addresses again and then you have two options:

    1. Use the Import feature (under the File menu) to import Outlook Mail and Addresses

    2. Go into Tool-->Email Accounts, edit your email account, click on 'New Outlook Data File' and point to you backed up .PST file (or simply just copy the .PST over the default one created for you in the above directory

    I had to do this recently and restored my Inbox, local folders, arvhived email (separate .PST file), contacts, calendar and tasks. There is probably an easier way to do this but that is the procedure I used.

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