I had XP running fine on my laptop, closing the lid went to standby, opening it up went back into XP fine. I was happy..

I installed Vista Ultimate onto a seperate partition, all went fine but Sleep doesn't work properly (when I open the lid back up, the laptop restarts rather than waking up). The internet is riddled with people having the same problem so I know I'm not alone. Not too bothered..

But, XP no longer comes out of Standby properly, it does the same as Vista, it restarts the laptop and asks asbout safe mode as if it didn't shut down properly. This is something I really want to fix.

I've made sure the bios is up to date (accoding to Dell web site). Is there anything obvious I'm missing? I thought the Vista issue was likely to be video driver related but this shouldn't affect my XP install should it? There's clearly been some changes to the windows boot menu, it looks very different to the old O/S choice screen I'm used to on dual boot machines.

Dell Inspiron 6400, 2GB RAM, XP Pro, Vista Ultimate.