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Thread: Bootable DVD?

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    Bootable DVD?

    I tried to create one of these last night and it wont boot... I had the idea of copying my Windowx XP bootable CD, onto a DVD. Then add other files onto the DVD that i always use when i reformat my computer. Also i included software, drivers and programs.

    I created an Index.html files, so when it was in Windows it would open that and id have a menu i could install the files from. That part of it works fine. But for some reason the DVD isnt bootable from dos, so i cant install a fresh copy of windows xp from it...

    Any clues as to what i may have done? The CD is bootable fine, all i did was copy the whole CD to the DVD.

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    You could try XP-Create . Should do the trick

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    That wouldnt have copied the important boot sector on the CD though.
    Use a program like ISO buster to extract it.

    Not all DVD ROM drives support DVD booting, so keep that in mind. Mine doesnt
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