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Thread: Windows Media Player problems

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    Windows Media Player problems

    Since my last 2 re-installs I've had problems with Media Player 9

    It never seems to shut down properly, after closing a film it seems to keep going in the task manager, or I have to wait as the program ends when I shut down the PC. Its really slow to close down and causes my mouse pointer to stutter and slow as it churns away in the background .

    Also right clicking on a .wmv file causes my desktop to go black for a second like when you change resolution (in the same way as when you right click on your desktop and go into advanced display properties)

    Any clues ? or should I just forget WMP and download Winamp...

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    Actualy, i had a simular problem, and dont ask how, but for some reason when i turned the taskbar thingy on (right click on taskbar ->Toolbars -> Windows Media Player) The problem seemed to stop, only happens once in a while now (About once every 2-3 months)

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