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Thread: Windows 7 - no internet for one user

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    Re: Windows 7 - no internet for one user

    Glad you got it sorted - for reference here's how I typically approach profile issues...

    For problems that hit specific users, most issues are down to their user profile hive (not the entire profile folder).
    If you get to the point of creating a new profile entirely, you could first try just putting in the template user hive.

    When you create a new user account, the C:\Users\Default folder is used as a template, and the hidden file NTUSER.DAT is the profile hive.

    When a user logs on, their C:\Users\{username}\NTUSER.DAT is mounted under HKEY_USERS using their SID.

    Per-user settings are checked before system defaults, so my first guess woul be something under HKEY_USERS\{SID}\Software\Classes key went somewhat wonky, specifically something relating to HTML/HTTP.

    My preferred order of troubleshooting profile issues:
    1. Replace the user's NTUSER.DAT with C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT
    > This will give them a blank user profile hive, as if the user has never logged on before, but retain all of their files - things like MRU (Most Recently Used) will be gone as this is stored in the profile hive

    If that doesn't work...
    2. Copy away the user's profile whilst they are logged off, then use the System Properties > Advanced > User Profiles [Settings] button to delete their profile, then log them on
    > This will create a brand new profile entirely for the user, so their files will appear to be gone - this is where you go to the copy you made and drag them back in

    If even that doesn't work...
    3. Create a new user account - does the problem still exist?
    If so, the Default User profile has something dodgy in it, so creating a new user account wouldn't help.

    The reason I try to avoid creating a new user account is if permissions were granted to the original user in specific locations - these are referenced by SID so creating a new user, even if it has the same name, would not get those permissions.

    If you find an issue is down to a specific user's NTUSER.DAT, you can sometimes use Process Monitor to record "working" and "non-working" scenarios and compare them (filtering on registry I/O under HKEY_USERS as the logs get huuuuge sometimes).
    This can be very time consuming, however, especially if you've already found a workaround of using a blank profile hive.
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