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Thread: Help me with running total (price) on single page... please :-)

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    Help me with running total (price) on single page... please :-)

    Hi guys

    I'm trying to make a page or find info on scripts that will allow me to create a page with computer spec and a running total at the bottom much like Dell use here -

    So you select your items using the radio buttons and at the bottom they are totalled.

    Can someone advise me of how this is done?
    The situation's looking...

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    If you just want some code to calculate the costs then that is almost certainly a JavaScript solution. The hardest part will be populating all the arrays in the first instance, especially if they are linked so that one option is restricted based on another.

    I think you need to come up with a proposed design solution and we can give feedback on it as this isn't a simple thing.

    You could always try Google, MSN Search or even

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