Evening all,

Just had an interesting experience.

I have VLC installed. Totally vanilla, haven't tinkered with the options at all.

I have two monitors.

I opened a EVO file (HDDVD constituent file. Yeah, I have some old HDDVDs) with VLC. VLC does not do full HDDVD playback, in terms of menus and that, but can play back EVO files.

This file was a dual angle file.

Two windows opened, one showing each angle!

I had no idea you could do that. Pretty cool feature. Anyone else come across it before? One window is the "normal" VLC playback window, and the other is titled a "Direct3d output" window (though it's not a 3d title).

ONly the first window has controls, and if you put the secondary windows on your "main" desktop, maximising it does not get rid of the windows task bar.

Going to have a play around with it, but this has got me thinking:

Is anyone aware of any software that can do a similar thing for multi Angle DVDs? (i.e. play one angle each in each of two instances of a player, or one angle per screen, etc?)