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Thread: Anyone used / heard of .....

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    Question Anyone used / heard of .....

    Hi All,

    Bit of a random question here: Has anyone ever heard of or used the site <removed>? Seems a bit dodgy, but is dirt cheap (those things do go hand-in-hand), so was just wondering what peoples thoughts are?!! My thinking is that if it were completely illegal, sure Microsoft would have shut it down pretty darn quickly? Cheers for any thoughts!

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    Re: Anyone used / heard of .....

    I'vd not heard of that particular site, but I have come across similar in the past, and because I have contacts with Microsoft, Adobe, etc, I have asked them directly for confirmation, and (as expected) was told that they are in no sense legitimate.

    As such, I've removed the links, because we will not allow such links on HEXUS.

    As for MS taking such sites down, do you realise just how fast such a site can be out up? Even if MS get it taken own, it'll be back somewhere else.

    Common sense should, tell anyone, if you're being offered keys to current high-priced software, like Office, or Creative Suite, at 10% or less of it's legit price, it's not legit.

    So sorry, but this thread is a non-starter on HEXUS, I'm afraid.

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