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Thread: Slowdown Right Click (Windows 7 64 Bit)

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    Slowdown Right Click (Windows 7 64 Bit)

    This has just started to yesterday. If I'm on the desktop or any folder, when I right click in the area or on a file or folder, it takes longer than usual to load up. It doesn't happen straight away, for example, today its been 6 hours since my PC has been turned on and its just started.

    I'v read up and noticed people talking about content menu and using shexview to find out the problem. Yesterday, I disabled all non-Windows option then re-enabled and they where fine. Today, I was going to go through one by one until it stops being slow, but it worked on the first one I did it on which was Avast.

    I'll have to test it with others, but I find it strange how that can be doing it since its been installed on this computer since I built it. Out of the options to disable on the content menu, the newest program installed was Notepad++ which was installed last week.

    Once its also kept the option I selected (Create Folder) on the desktop when the menu was closed which was faded. This went away when I played a game in fullscreen however.

    I do know that Avast had an update a few days ago, but this didn't happen for a good 3/4 days after it was updated. I also know that when I updated my NVidia driver from 314.22 to 320.49 when it was released, my computer was freezing and stuttering frequently. But it was fine when I uninstalled them and went back to 314.22.

    Update: Done a scan in safe mode, looked perfect with nothing harmful detected. It also started to do the lag again, which I disabled WinRAR in the content menu and it worked again. So it seems like they all fix it when disabled and enabled.
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    Re: Slowdown Right Click (Windows 7 64 Bit)

    Run a Defrag, but before you do, make sure you AVR and all other applications are turned off. Clear your Event logs and do a clean boot and see if it picks up any errors which you can track. Also check how many Tasks are running and wiether any of them are using up too much memory

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