I've been a Mac user for several years and have been very happy with the environment. But having just built a new Windows 10 PC, I won't be in a position to upgrade my Mac for a few more years so it'll be out of support cover soon. Hence, I intend to use my new Windows 10 PC as my main PC within the next month or two and eventually decommission the Mac. I can run both environments in parallel for as long as I need to.

Has anyone moved from Mac to Windows 10? If so, any gotchas to look out for?

My to-do list is as follows at the moment for the migration from Mac to Windows 10:

1. Mac libraries to transfer: Pictures, Music, Documents, Movies (very easy transfer via external HDD)
2. Mailbox (Mac Mail .mbox format to Outlook 2016 PST - I'll need to buy software to do this)
3. Evernote (should just be a case of logging in to Evernote on Windows 10)
4. Contacts (I use Gmail contacts so easy enough to set up on the People app on Windows 10)
5. iTunes library (online articles on how to do this)
6. Safari bookmarks (simple export and import into Chrome on Windows 10)
7. Sign out of iTunes, iCloud and iMessage on Mac
8. Erase and reinstall MacOS, destroy Mac HDD

Anything else I ought to consider or be careful about?