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Thread: Firewall for..

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    Firewall for..

    So, I have found myself having to use my phone provide an internet connection for my laptop for the next 2 months. Problem is, the allowance on my phone contract (not UK based), is severely limited and I am worried that I am going to miss disabling auto-update on *something*, and a few GB is just going to go poof before I know it.

    So what I would like is for a software (I am guessing a firewall) to actually stop all connection in and out by default, and *only* allow specific programs that I allow to connect online.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Firewall for..

    Almost any firewall can be configured to do what you want. But if you want something really simple to block all connections and then let thru only the programs you want to be able to access the net, I would recommend TinyWall. (search Softpedia for Tinywall and read their review there)

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