Hi installed SpeedFan to monitor my temperatures for my Aopen SFF system.

Now I can understand that my system would get hot, but I do find it quite strange in some readings.

Now for my CPU and system tems, its says -47 and -45

and then detects my HDDs, which are like 29 and 30 , but the main harddrive which for some reason, sits upside down on the bottom part of the caddy, starts to rise, slowly.... and can get up to 58 degrees.

Which is very worrying.. It is sitting above the RAM, butthe other HDD thats above that is fine, it gets slightly hotter but acceptable temps.

First issue, is that why is my CPU and system temps in negative numbers? now even If i remove the negative symbol, and check the temps from the bios, it is about 5 degrees difference.

The HDD is a big problem as I dont want it to blow up, and I've resortted to opening the case a bit, and using an external fan to blow air into it which sort of defeats the purpose. The main harddrive sits exactly where it should be, if you have a floppy disk drive, so surely the manufacturers must have noticed the hot temperatures???

my system:

Intel P4 2.4c
512 PC3700 DDR corsair RAM
160 Maxtor HDD (main, sitting on bottom)

Do you think the speed fan is incompatible, although it detects my sensors and hard drives and S.M.A.R.T ?

thanks again guys, hope you can shed some light on it