Time will tell that's for sure. I have noticed more AI creeping in places. I created an eBay ad today and there is now a button that you can press which lets AI write the description for you! That was in Edge browser (yeah don't ask its a long story).

I can see Microsoft doing it, at this stage I think it's the type of thing they would do. Not really care about what the users want.

I am still dual booting at the moment as there are things I need Windows for. Well games actually, everything else I used I can now use on Linux and anything like Office there is an alternative for.

Just looking at my Blender results above see a big uplift in rendering so some things are for the better. A lot less bloat and overheads on the Linux system. There are still some nit picky bits I don't like. The fonts on the Hexus site is horrid, looks like some tiny font is being used and I had a load of codecs I needed to install.

However I installed Steam on Linux, fired up a few games and no problems at all. Not all games work of course. Company of Heroes 2 does, Company of Heroes 3 doesn't (which is a blessing, considering the state of it).

I have gone through about 10 distros since I began and finally settled on opensuse. At some point I needed to stop and choose one and transfer everything from Windows, docs, pics etc etc. Trying to entice more people to Linux has been a bit more a challenge though. A lot of people are happy as they are and I can't blame them to be honest, if it works for you and you are happy then so be it. Trying to change people's minds is quite the challenge.