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Thread: excel/powe****** on 2 screens

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    excel/powe****** on 2 screens

    is there any easy way of making 2 copies of excel or powe****** appear on 2 screens? i ahve a multimonitor setup here at work, adn quite a lot of my work involves having 2 spreadsheets/presentations open and copying stuff from one to t'other. easy youd think, just open excel twice, one window on the left, one on the right, but no. excel refuses to do this. open excel when its already open and it just pulls excel back onto the main screen. more infuriattingly, if you open 2 documetns you get 2 taskbar icons, but they both open the same program. any way round? its *really* getting on me tits.. i can resize the window to take up the whole screen then have the 2 spreadsheets open inside that, but its a messy way of doing things becasue you cant then have email over one side of the screen when you copy a value out of an email (for instance).. | I have sigs turned off..

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    for excel, what about making the main window span both monitors, then do a vertical split from the View menu?

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    is power point a bad word ?
    It is Inevitable.....

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    lol, yes!
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