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Thread: MSN problems

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    MSN problems

    Hey I'm new here.

    I was redirected here from another forum regarding MSN, calling you lot "genius'" .

    Here's the problem: When I sign into MSN through MSN on my PC it says that my username doesn't exist or my password is incorrect.

    When I try to log in via the site, I submit my details to log in and I get 'Page Cannot Be Displayed'. I tried getting a new account but the same problem happens when I submit the details required. I can log in no problem on other PC's.

    I tried downloading MSN again and the problem persists.

    I've tried getting AIM but the same thing happens ('Page Cannot Be Displayed').

    Any help appreciated.

    I'll just stick around for a while.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong folder.
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    msn is imo crap, i dont use it anymore. this is becuase:

    lost my password - they wont just email you ur pass to reg'd email address, they want ur city post code and date of birth... good if ya can remember it, but unimportant stuff (like msn) just gets random faked info from me...

    msn wasnt accepting new accounts when i tryed to make new one ages ago

    its annoying tripe

    irc is better ( and has a lot more ppl on it..

    there servers often have problems preventing logging in.

    aim is also 10x worse, imo, as ive had all of the above much more often with it, esp when they deleted my aol account cos i changed to decent inet conenctin!

    msn was good in v3.5 but since then down a very steep hill it has fell.

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