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Thread: Linux XGL

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    Linux XGL


    Set it up on suse 10.1 in work on a Dell optiplex 520 with an intel integrated 945 and at home (<my system<)
    After seeing screenies, and even a vid of it running, its 10 times better actually running it yourself.

    I think its awsome and is functional aswell as purely eye candy

    how many of you are running it aswell and what do you think? It woops vista and that isnt even released yet! I predict that xgl/compiz will be a whole lot better by then aswell.

    I love linux

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    i found it to be a little way from prime-time yet (couldn;t get smooth video playback with it enabled, or opengl apps)

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    I tried it out, was impressed in what they could achieve, but I don't think I'd ever have it switched on permanently - I don't mind that much about 'eye candy', and the effects get annoying quite quickly (for me anyway)
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    I use it when i feel in the mood
    certainly alot of good effects but also some annoying ones

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