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Thread: oem WinXP is transferable under euro law?

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    oem WinXP is transferable under euro law?

    I personally use OEM versions which i can activate online and I have no
    problems with activation. When fixing a non activate able one I phoned them
    up and MS let me activate it no problems after a mobo change.
    (although i didnt mention that the mobo was changed)

    I have read before that under european law OEM copies can be transfered
    but I havent seen any conclusive evidence. The link below is the best i have

    What do you reckon MS just trying to hoodwink people into thinking they
    have to buy new copies? As it stands now with you being able to activate
    it with little problem it doesnt really matter, but with vista potentially being
    more hardcore about this kind of thing will this make a difference for us
    euros at least.

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    I think MS don't want you too, but the EU think that you should be able to buy a key and transfer it your new or present computer without having to buy a new one.

    MS seems to have relaxed their criteria lately as well, so perhaps the EU are getting heard in the halls of the Vole.

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