just incase there's some peoples out there thinking they dunno how to make veggy soup (like me about 2 hours ago) then think again, it's EASY!

what you need:

2 veg stock cubes (or meat stock cubes if you want that extra flavour!)
turnip (that's swede to all you english out there)
anyother veg type stuff you like
fresh parsley

what to do:

1. take a handful of lentils and wash them thoroughly (this doesnt involve fairy liquid like my friend thought!)
2. put them in a pan with some boiling water and boil them for 10 mins.
3. put the 2 stock cubes in a measuring jub and make up to 1ltr with boiling water
4. add this to the lentils after 10 mins
5. chop up the veg and add them all (except the leek!)
6. top up with water if necessary
7. allow to boil for half an hour and simmer for another half hour until all veg is cooked and soft.
8. salt to taste
9. Add the leek 10 mins before serving and simmer for 10 mins.
10. To serve you can either blitz it in the liquidiser (if you like it soft like me ) or serve it lumpy.
11. sprinkle a dusting of chopped parsley and serve.

et voila!