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Thread: (Un)reliability of USB pen drives

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    Re: (Un)reliability of USB pen drives

    Was than an DT SE9 G2? I've had a few new Kingston USB sticks of that ilk fail on me.
    I suspect the tight form factor on the metal-cased ones are a factor in early failure due to heat dissipation problems.
    The innards of the tiny form factor USB 3.1 metal Kingston ones fell out leaving just the casing. Not bothered about the data on that one as it was on an encrypted partition on a secure live OS I use to deal with personal documents if I'm out and about rather than use the cloud. More annoying than anything else is the cost to replace them.
    If you are going to use it for live OS work check with the OS for compatibility, though they might need the live-media=removable boot parameter removed.

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    Re: (Un)reliability of USB pen drives

    Cheers Giraffe I some how missed your post earlier.

    From the look of it the Extreme Go is not as good as the old extreme and match up with another result i found today

    Below is an example of the old extreme, you can see 4k writes are 10 times faster roughly. It looks like you need to get the extreme Pro now for speed but they are so expensive.

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