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Thread: No drives shown on powerup, have to reboot every time

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    Question No drives shown on powerup, have to reboot every time

    We are experiencing a problem with our N5200 not showing any drives any time it is powered up from an off state. We must log in to the web console and choose the Reboot command in order for them to reappear.

    The drives are both 400GB Seagate (ST3400633AS), running in RAID 1, and it shows as healthy.

    We tried upgrading the firmware to 1.00.08 and the issue still persists in the same manner.

    Is there any way to allow for it to automatically work upon its first boot?

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    Hello st0rm,

    Please send the conf.bin from System-> Conifg Mgmt-> Download to for us to verify possible issue.


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